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“One day when we were kids, Loki turned himself into a snake, he knows I love snakes. So I picked it up to admire it, then he changed back into himself. He yelled “BLARGH ITS ME” and stabbed me”- Thor Ragnarok 2017

Ned got there first oh yeeah I would so love to see a crossover of PD and SPN!!! It would be so beautiful :') <------ Sam and Dean clould eat pie at this pie place Ned works at and Sam and Dean would talk about some supernatrual thing and Ned overhears and then he helps them by waking up someone dead and that would be so cool.

No one beats the supernatural fandom we got a gif for everything :).<-----Well Done Pushing Daisies Fandom.I love how we make fun of each other but we all get along