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a cross - stitch pattern with the words, one joy to man came home on fire
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the text reads, i'm the invention of knocking i'm going punch your house until you talk to me
a tweet with an image of a dog on it
there are two things certain in life 1 death 2 if you go to sleep in a tank top, when you wake up one of your littles will be out
the text reads, me i am human being earth's dormant species, and i will not be - wasp tuck off me ok
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the words are written in black and white on a piece of paper that says, i'm coming for you
the text reads,'creating one is easy but learning how to walk after i shoot you
a rat sitting on top of a table with its mouth open and tongue hanging out
50 Wholesome Opossum Memes To Share With Your Pet
a white background with the words, these cannot be the same men that dolly begged jolene not to take