Alcoholic Drinks Recipes

The BEST alcoholic drinks recipes that are easy and tasty! Make for yourself or for a party. Simple cocktails, shots & more. Find alcohol drinks for all seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall & Holidays too!
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a glass filled with liquid and chocolate on top of a wooden table next to a vase
Alcoholic Drinks – BEST Chocolate Bunny Martini Cocktail Recipe – Easy and Simple Spring & Easter Vodka Alcohol Drinks
two glasses filled with liquid and garnished with cranberries
New Years Cocktail - Vanilla Cranberry Mimosa
This is the perfect Holiday mimosa that will be loved by all. How about a New Year’s Eve drink? Make this cranberry vanilla mimosa. Quick and simple alcohol recipe for best mimosa. If you are looking for a yummy alcoholic drink this is the one for you. Combine champagne, vanilla vodka, cranberry juice and a few other simple ingredients for a tasty and delish mimosa.
two cups filled with red liquid and topped with whipped cream, sitting next to a bottle of vodka
Christmas Santa Hat Jello Shots! How To Make Vodka Jello Shots – EASY & BEST Holiday Shooters Recipe
small cupcakes with whipped cream and strawberries in them on a checkered tablecloth
Santa Hat Jello Shots - Vodka Alcohol Holiday Shots
These cute and delicious Santa Hat vodka. Jello shots will have you the star of the party. Simple Winter Jello shots for your Christmas party this year. You can’t go wrong with these festive Jello shots with vodka alcohol. Yummy Jello shots that will have any crowd asking for more. Are you read to make the best Santa Hat Jello shots?
two glasses filled with whipped cream and decorated like snowmen
Melted Snowman Margarita - Holiday Alcohol Drink Recipe
Yummy tequila margarita that is the perfect Holiday drink. If you are looking for Winter cocktails this is the one for you. Easy alcohol drink recipe for the best melted snowman margarita. Homemade on the rocks Christmas margarita for family, friends or parties. Have a Happy Holiday with this snowman cocktail. Mix up the BEST melted snowman margarita.
a table topped with bottles and glasses filled with liquid, candy canes and candies
Christmas Alcoholic Drinks – BEST Reindeer Bacardi Punch Cocktail Recipe – Easy Rum Holiday Drink
a green glass filled with liquid next to two red ornaments
Grinch Margarita - Holiday Alcohol Mixed Drinks
Shake up the best Grinch margarita with this quick recipe. Make for parties, happy hour or any Holiday celebration. Everyone will love this tequila margarita with a Grinch theme. Homemade margarita that will please any crowd. Follow the step by step instructions for this no fail alcohol idea. Get ready for this delicious Grinch margarita.
sparkling jack frost cocktail in a blue glass next to a snowflake ornament
Sparkling Jack Frost Cocktail - Holiday Alcohol Recipe
Yummy blue Christmas drink with rum that you will be making all Holiday season.Simple alcoholic drink recipe with this sparkling Jack Frost cocktail. Great drink for Holiday parties, happy hour or to sip on with family and friends. No need to spend hours making cocktails when you can make this quick frosty drink. Get ready to make the best sparkling Jack Frost cocktail.
a white christmas mojit is garnished with cherries
White Christmas Mojito - Holiday Alcohol Cocktail
Delicious rum alcoholic drink recipe that makes the perfect Christmas cocktail. You can’t go wrong with this cocktail. Make for parties, enjoy with family & friends or make for happy hour. Enjoy this White Christmas mojito today. Follow the step by step instructions for the most amazing mojito. Get ready to mix up the BEST White Christmas mojito alcohol drink.
a hot chocolate drink with whipped cream and sprinkles on a plaid tablecloth
Boozy Christmas Coffee - Holiday Alcohol Drink
Easy Christmas coffee alcoholic drinks that are simple and quick. Holiday coffee alcohol drink with peppermint schnapps. Homemade Christmas morning coffee that is spiked. Peppermint almond liqueur hot coffee drink. Christmas and coffee are my favorite things. Best Christmas coffee that everyone will love. DIY spiked Christmas coffee to make today. Get ready to make the best boozy Christmas coffee.
the best christmas sugar plum cocktail recipe
Enjoy the Holiday season with this alcoholic drink recipe. You can’t go wrong with this gin and vodka cocktail. Such a delicious cocktail that everyone will love. Make this homemade alcohol Christmas drink today – you won’t be disappointed. Simple Christmas cocktails to serve for parties, family or friends. Kick the Holidays into high gear with this tasty and delish Christmas cocktail recipe. Get ready to make the best alcoholic drink. Shake up this Christmas sugar plum cocktail now.
an apple cider margarita is garnished with cinnamon
Apple Cider Margarita
Fall margarita recipe you don’t want to pass up.This alcoholic drink for Thanksgiving, happy hour or to sip on with family and friends this Fall season. If you are looking for a tequila cocktail this is the one for you. Get ready to mix up the best tequila apple cider margarita.
two glasses filled with red liquid next to pineapples and cranberry juice
Sparkling Champagne Cranberry Punch
Best Thanksgiving cocktail or Christmas party alcohol drink recipe. You can’t go wrong with this alcoholic drink idea. Yummy mix of cranberry, pineapple, champagne and ginger beer. Simple and quick cocktail punch to mix up. If you are looking for an easy champagne punch recipe this is the one for you. Get ready for the best sparkling cranberry champagne punch.
two glasses filled with apple cider on top of a cutting board
Apple Cider Mimosa Alcohol Recipe
This champagne cocktail is so simple and quick to make and tastes so good. You really can’t go wrong with apple cider, champagne and caramel. Switch out the fruity mimosa for this yummy apple cider mimosa. Great Thanksgiving cocktail recipe. Follow the step by step instructions for this no fail alcohol recipe. Get ready to mix up the best apple cider mimosa.
there is a drink that has been served in a glass with ice and cinnamon on the rim
Thanksgiving Margarita Alcohol Recipe
Grab some tequila and get ready to make the best Thanksgiving margarita. It also makes the perfect cocktail – happy hour drink or drink with you family and friends on Friendsgiving. Homemade Thanksgiving margarita to serve for Thanksgiving drink or to make for parties. This is almost like a spiked apple cider drink. Boozy margarita that you can make today.