Tack Rooms/Lounges/Viewing Room

Tack rooms and lounges with style!
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an empty walk in closet with brick flooring and wooden shelves on either side of the closet door
Interior of Tack Room
This newly constructed tack room is just waiting to be filled!
an empty kitchen with lots of shelves on the wall and a sink in the center
Tack Room
This newly constructed barn has a tack room that riders and their horses dream of!
an empty room with wood paneling and large windows on the side of the wall
Wood-Paneled Viewing Room with Observation Windows
This indoor riding arena features a climate controlled viewing room.
an empty room with wooden paneling and horse heads mounted to the wall
Tack Room
Tack room of a newly renovated horse barn
the inside of a wooden building with lots of saddles hanging on the walls and doors
Tack and Lounge
Picture of interior of tack and lounge room in horse stable
a kitchen with two stools and a ceiling fan
Tack Room & Kitchenette
This tack room has plenty of space for horse tack. As well as a kitchenette for the rider, complete with tons of storage, a refrigerator, sink and washer and dryer.
Equestrian Center
Tack Room
Tack Room
Tack Room
Viewing Room Nice, Dream Horse Barns, Horse Facility, Indoor Arena, Horse Barn Designs
Viewing Room
Viewing Room with windows looking into the indoor arena
Viewing Room & Lounge Home
Viewing Room & Lounge
Interior of viewing room and lounge
Tack Room & Lounge Builder
Tack Room & Lounge
Interior of Tack Room & Lounge
a dog sitting in the middle of a room with wooden paneling and horse tacks on the wall
the inside of a horse barn with lots of tacks
Tack Room
Tack room with custom fittings