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a white plate topped with chicken wings covered in sauce and garnished with cilantro
Vegan Air Fryer Cauliflower
Vegan Air Fryer Cauliflower
someone holding up a piece of food in their hand
Air fried Tofu nuggets
Air fried Tofu nuggets
the best air fryer orange chicken is served over rice
Air Fryer Orange Chicken - Air Fryer Eats
Air Fryer Orange Chicken is tangy, sweet, savory, and the ultimate Chinese take out copycat recipe. The air fryer makes cooking a delicious Orange Chicken meal easy!
a plate of pasta with sauce and parmesan cheese on it next to a book
Air Fryer Pasta Bake - Shred Happens
Air Fryer Pasta Bake - Shred Happens
a glass container filled with food sitting on top of a table
Marinated Tempeh
How To Make Easy Marinated Tempeh . Only 4 Ingredients
fried crispy tempeh on a plate with text overlay reading 3 ingredient crispy tempeh ready in 20 minutes
Easy Baked Tempeh (3 Ingredients + SO Crispy!) - From My Bowl
a white bowl filled with cooked shrimp and lemon wedges next to a glass of beer
Air Fryer Shrimp
This air fryer shrimp recipe cooks up in less than 10 minutes with minimal ingredients. It's healthy, flavorful and such a quick and easy protein option that's super versatile.
salmon and rice on a plate with the text frozen salmon in the air fryer
Frozen Salmon In The Air Fryer - Air Fryer Eats
Frozen Salmon in the air fryer is so easy! You can have a healthy and delicious fish dinner on the table in just minutes, using simple ingredients, even if you forgot to thaw out the fish. via @vegetarianmamma
two white plates topped with pastries and whipped cream
Air Fryer Grilled Peaches
Grilled peaches are such a summertime treat - but sometimes you don't want to heat up the grill just for a couple of peaches! Now you can make grilled peaches in your air fryer!! They're ready in minutes and just as delicious (even if your peaches aren't quite ripe!) via @foodhussy
a white plate topped with fish, rice and lemon wedges next to a fork
Crispy Air Fryer Cod + Video (15 minutes)
Crispy Air Fryer Cod
a close up of a bowl of food with broccoli and carrots in it
Air Fryer Vegetables | Air Fryer Roasted Vegetables - Recipe Vibes
a bowl filled with oatmeal and fruit on top of a yellow table
Air fryer recipes for Thanksgiving sides, dessert and extras
two baked sweet potatoes sitting on top of a white plate with the words air fryer baked sweet potato
Air Fryer Baked Sweet Potato
Air Fryer Baked Sweet Potato
air fryer carrots on a white plate with a fork and knife next to it
Air Fryer Carrots
Air Fryer Carrots
the single ingredient you need for the crispiest roasted veggies is
The Single Ingredient You Need For The Crispiest Roasted Veggies - The Daily Meal
The Single Ingredient You Need For The Crispiest Roasted Veggies