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a painting of two men shaking hands with another man in uniform and other people standing around
Św. Maksymilian Kolbe oczami współwięźnia Mieczysława Kościelniaka
a wooden clock tower with a painting on it's side and a cross at the top
zdjęcie #30277856
a small white gazebo surrounded by trees and flowers in a garden area with gravel path leading to it
30 Garden Sheds That Are as Charming as They Are Useful
a small stone building with a metal roof and an open door in the middle of it
30 Absolutely Enchanting Garden Shed Hideaways
a wooden shrine with a statue on it in the middle of a tree, surrounded by leaves and branches
przydrożna kapliczka w Aleksandrowicach nieopodal pałacu - Sacrum
the statue is surrounded by greenery and stone
Miracles In Catholicism No One Can Explain
a small shrine with a painting on it in the middle of some bushes and trees
st marks catholic church