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What do the Haikyuu characters think of you?

Ever wondered what your favorite Haikyuu guys would think of you? Find out! This is my first quiz, so please go easy on me heheh

I got Transmuter... What is your Hunter x Hunter Nen type? is a free online quiz making tool. Make quizzes, send them viral. Generate leads, increase sales and drive traffic to your blog or website.

Who is your Hunter x Hunter boyfriend? *EDITED*

I made a quiz because I'm bored. There are 13 possible results. Sorry for my english.

What do Killua think of YOU! ( Hunter X Hunter Quiz)

Will Killua think you as a lover,friend or something else? Warning, this quiz is for girls only. Guys are free to try of course. Take the quiz plizz!

Who are you to Katsuki Bakugou?

A quiz to find out what Bakugou sees you as? Also, Its my first one ever published! Hope you like it!

Your Date with Bakugou

This is a roleplay quiz where you, an UA student, and Bakugou are forced to hang out together -only the two of you, as some may call it a date,. so let's see if this 'date' goes well, shall we?

Bnha RPG (Reader x Bakugou) part 1

Let's see what happens in the end! ;D (Art does not belong to me) This is for Girls only! Well I made it for girls only but you can still do the quiz even if you are a boy! :3

Your hogwarts life *long results*

Includes, BFF's, BF, Wand Core, Blood Status and more! *Girlies Only*

Does Katsuki Bakugo love, like or hate you?

Our Lord/King Explosion Murder! ♥‿♥ Try out this quiz and see if he has feelings for you or not~ ;)

Hang out with Bakugo UwU

I was bored •_• so here is my first quiz ! Hang out with Bakugo and find out what he thinks of ya ! It’s kinda short but I hope you’ll like it !

Your MCU Life (girls only)

i was bored so i made a quiz, have fun! (i also couldn't find any that were good that were like this)

Theme park date with Kirishima!

Wanna know how Kirishima feels about you AND go on a date with him? 💖 Then go ahead, answer the questions honestly and you'll get your answer! This is based on my opinion and none of the art on the quiz the belongs to me. Answers in she/her but anyone can take!

Avengers life

Title says all! Includes Boyfriend and powers. Includes: Tony, Peter, Pietro, Bucky, Steve, Loki, Thor, Bruce, and Clint. Girls only! Medium results. Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel, or anything associated with it. I do not own any pictures used either.

Your bnha life (Semi long results)

A little fun quiz in order to find out just what your life may look like if you were in the Bnha/Mha universe. The results are female oriented sadly, but have fun!

Go On A Date With Katsuki Bakugo

In this quiz you'll find out how Katsuki Bakugo would react if you went on a date with him.

Bnha Life Quiz || Girls only

What's your bnha || mha life. Find it out