Viac nápadov od Veronika

Valentine's Day Card, Valentine Card, Anniversary Card, I Love You Card, Geek Card, Science Beaker

Birthday calendar - Place the metal on a smooth hard surface (not wood), you could even buy a special surface specifically made for metal stamping. After that you place the stamp and hammer it with ONE firm whack, and that’s it.

Take a Smile Greeting Card Handmade and Signed by Torang on Etsy, $5.50

State to State Picture Frame distance means so by SouthernDivine. I need this in my life

Anniversary gift or a Christmas present of 12 most favorite times during each month of that year...keep forever in a bigger jar.

My wonderful husband did this for me for our 20 year anniversary on 12-30-12. Soooo romantic <3

Awesome idea for a gift for your husband or boyfriend!! personalized monopoly! DIY

This accordion envelope book is PERFECT for a New Year's or Anniversary gift. Just use one envelope for each year, and then fill it with a favorite memory and photo from that year.