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an old record, headphones, and pair of sneakers are laying on a bed
Come a Little Closer
someone is reading a book while sitting on a bench with their legs crossed and feet propped up
an open book with headphones sitting on top of it next to a piano keyboard
go little rockstar
a candle sitting on top of a blanket next to a window with a potted plant
All Things Autumn
a person holding up a camera to take a photo in front of some bare trees
Instagram : @thedarkacademiastuff
a man sitting on the floor with his feet up and holding an electric guitar in front of him
white flowers with yellow centers are shown in this screenshoter image, which shows the number
some white tulips are laying on a brown paper with a heart sticker
a person is playing the piano with their hands and fingers, while they are sitting down
an arch in the middle of a brick walkway with trees and bushes on either side
the ground is cracked and has flowers growing out of it's cracky surface