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there is a notebook with markers on it
WHITELINES - Writing paper and notebooks with white lines
a notepad with a map and pen on it that says, new world beginnings
5 Photos of Super-Organized Notes to Give You Studying Inspo
an open notebook with spanish text and a ship on the page in front of it
a blue and white flyer with an image of a rocket ship
a green and black brochure with the words kevelicao industrial on it
Resumo de revolução industrial 1/2
a yellow and black poster with the words in spanish, english and spanish on it
resumo de iluminismo
an image of a resume for a man in black and white with the words'era paragas'written on it
the spanish language poster shows different things to see in this country, including animals and people
Resumo sobre Pré-História
the menu for an italian restaurant with cartoon characters and lettering on it, in spanish
an image of a man's face with the words platio in spanish