I like the intricacy of this delicately carved wood partition. I like how each separate panel has a different design on it.

This simply designed shed roof screened-in porch plan provides a shaded, insect-free place to relax and entertain outdoors. A pitch roof attaches to the side or roof of the house. Shows how a shed roof might look.


Outdoor Musical Installation with Bicycle Parts and Recycled / Re-cycle ☮ Bi-cycle ☮ Eco-cycle ❖ Earth Day 2016 ❖ Po Campo ❖

This needs to be in ACF.  It needs to be a gate to a Wizard's lair, except this guy is good, and doesn't try to experiment on the girls. The dragon comes to life, and when the girls pass through it they feel like they're being watched - because they are.

Dragon Gate of Harlech House, Dublin. Harlech House is famous for its dragon gates, was originally built in 1798 but in 1993 a huge redesign commenced which sought to celebrate the Jubilee, and also provide a home to a large family.

20 Amazing DIY Raised Bed Gardens - A Piece Of Rainbow

28 Amazing DIY Raised Bed Gardens

Ничего не понимаю... объясните, как устроить подвесные грядки для клубники в теплице???: Группа Наши грядки

Growing strawberries vertically just makes great sense. This idea and design is adaptable to most mobile homes. If you use it as a template design, please send iMobileHomes your pics.