black outfit - steampunk Love this wish I could get some of them!!

black outfit - skirts and coats - steampunk - great for character design - clothing reference - drawing reference

'Steam mystique' steampunk ring #steampunk #jewelry #fashion I need this ring !

Steampunk ring, stainless steel unisex steampunk ring, watch gear ring, silver, bronze and gold ring

Some ideas about steampunk skirt

This gives me some awesome ideas for the steampunk invasion weekend at the MN ren fest next month! - What more to say other than we just LOVE cool stuff! Check out our store for even more COOL stuff!


i think every nerdy girl has the fantasy of an outfit consisting of leather pants, a flowing coat and then kicking some major ass.YUP I'M A NERDY GIRL!

Steampunk corset, leather, a

ruric: “ arianaofnyx: “ bookkeeperamanda: “ angelicartisan: “ absolutedevotion-artist: “ My latest Creation fully hand carved leather by Rebecca Hedges of Absolute Devotion. :) 6 months of hard work.

Steampunk  #SteamPUNK ☮k☮

Russian leatherworker and throat-singer Sergueї Kooc produced this beautiful steampunk briefcase in Hand-bound books Vertical steampunk bag Hollow log purse Sergueї Kooc (Diane Duane)


There's something about small double ruffles like the ones on this skirt that's really appealing. Also, I love Lolita-style coats.

Possibly added over some black gloves or gauntlets to look more like Tifa's.

Steampunk Spiked Gears Cuff via Etsy. I hope she doesn't get rusty. Very nice fingerless glove. It is too feminine for me but I still admire its beauty!

#steampunk bag

Astounding steampunk leatherwork bags and books - Boing Boing. to design a bespoke perfume to go in your awesome bag:)

Crystaline : Steampunk Fashion Archives  But the question remains.... Does it have a functioning laser attached?

Crystaline : Steampunk Fashion Archives But the question remains. Does it have a functioning laser attached?