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Možno niesom dokonalý,no niesom ani klemár,nepodlizujem sa a nemam tendeciu vykašľat sa na priateľov.Keď možem rad pomožem no neznesiem klamstvá a opovrhovanie
Ján Demeter
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America and England's cats

America and England's cats

America neko leave that poor mochi alone nyan

neko-america (c)hetailia is owned by Hidekazu Himaruya nekotalia america

fruk | Tumblr

Iggy-Cat & France-Cat (not exactly sure what they call France in Nekotalia…)

England cat!!

Wallpaper and background photos of for fans of Hetalia: England images.

Russicat~ (except I thought he was Chinacat when I first glanced ^^") vodkaaaaaa!! :D

Chibi Neko Russia ~ by (deviantART) - Fourth in a series showing Nekotalia characters with their favourite foods: Neko!Russia with vodka.