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Sculpted Shoulders in my 50's!
Back & Biceps Workout
Sexy Tank Top Arm Workout
Slim Arms Workout in 10 Minutes
Best Exercise for Inner Thigh!
Regarding the adductor muscles, both squats were able to increase hypertrophy. However, the full squats were able to induce significantly more growth than the half squats. 6% versus 3%!
Sculpt Your Arms!
How to Get Toned Arms ( Shoulders & Biceps)
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3D Shoulder Finisher 🔥
Train the Trouble Spots!
Post-Holiday HIIT Workout
The best workout you can do after the holidays! Build muscle and burn fat with this home workout video: the BEST Dumbbell HIIT Exercises! Build total body strength, burn calories and boost metabolism with these 9 dumbbell exercises.
Glutes workout at home for women | Butt Activation exercises (no equipment)