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an image of a statue with many different people around it, including two men and one woman
Batman Sanity
Batman Sanity - ZBrushCentral
a star trek ship model is shown in the dark
Batwing Replica by E. James Small
the batman movie poster is shown in this image
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the joker statue is on display at an event
the batman statue is surrounded by other figurines and figures, all in white
Harley Quinn and Scarecrow - XM Studios, Philip Herman
a group of figurines sitting on top of each other
Batman Diorama Fan Art
Still in progress, but I want to see a render with every character done. Next in line, finishing the base. it was truly a challenge, i always loved the Batman sanity diorama, and have use the inspiration to study as a first time doing this amount of characters. it was super fun and it helped me to learn new things! Todavía en proceso, pero quería realizar un render con las piezas terminadas. Próxima cosa a terminar, la base. Ha sido un hermoso desafío, siempre amé el diorama de Batman sanit
the dark knight batman statue is on top of a clock with an inscription below it
the batman statue is on display at an event
a batman figure on top of a motorcycle with wings flying above it's head
the face of batman, drawn in colored pencils
DC Classics - Batman - Adam West by TheJarett on DeviantArt
DC Classics - Batman - Adam West
a painting of batman and robin wayne riding in a batmobile with two other people
#alexross - Twitter Search / Twitter
Alex Ross
the batman movie poster with many different characters
Batman 66, Marc T. Ouellette
ArtStation - Batman 66, Marc Ouellette
the batman movie poster is shown in this image
Batman '66 by Patty Arroyo Art by pattyarroyo on DeviantArt
Batman '66 by Patty Arroyo Art by pattyarroyo
batman reading the newspaper while sitting in his car with batmobile on the road behind him
Una mente lectora
No basta ver para creer pero se ve al creer... Y recuerden, no hagan el amor, hagan café que ELENTROMPE se pone bueno...