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two maps showing the location of tornado damage
Video Oklahoma Tornado Video 2013: Oklahoma Twister Destroys Moore for 2nd Time
an old photo of a welcome sign in the middle of town
Welcome to Muskogee County Oklahoma
men picking lettuce in a field with buckets on their heads and the words,
Best Places to Visit in Oklahoma | 2023 Travel Guide
What Life In Oklahoma Looked Like In 1939
an image of a futuristic city in the middle of the night with people walking around it
Prayer Tower, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa OK
four girls standing in front of a building with the caption tulla public schools
several different types of tickets are shown in this image, including one for tokyo club and the other for whiskers
Club cards
Liquor-by-the wink club cards
a neon sign that says ballroom dancing on the side of a building at night time
Cain's Ballroom Neon Sign
Tulsa, Oklahoma | by Lost Tulsa
two hands holding each other in front of a monument
World's Largest Praying Hands, Tulsa, Oklahoma
World's Largest Praying Hands - ORU, Tulsa, OK
an old map shows the location of several buildings
The Ghosts of Ft. Washita, Oklahoma: A Civil War Haunting Ground
an old football card with the number 80 on it
two pictures of the outside of a restaurant
Adair's Tropical Cafeteria: OKC's Taste Of The Tropics
two pictures of the inside of a restaurant with tables and chairs, one in blue and yellow
Boulevard Cafeteria - Retro Metro OKC