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iRoller Reusable Screen Cleaner – $25

I discovered this iRoller: A liquid-free, reusable pocket sized touch screen cleaner for iPhones, iPads, and all mini touchscreen display devices. : Touch Screen Tablet Computer Accessories : Computers & Accessories on Keep. View it now.

A kitchen fundamental: space-saving measuring cups set

Nesting kitchen set saves space: Small Measuring Cup: cup) Medium Measuring Cup: cup) Large Measuring Cup: cup) XL Measuring Cup: cup) Small Bowl: fl oz) Large Bowl: fl oz) Sieve: fl oz) Colander: oz Overall Size: t x w x t


Podillow - Face-Down Pillow - - The perfect sun tanning pillow and massage pillow Use in multiple positions, including facedown Internal pockets to hold your phone and keys Easy to clean Includes drawstring backpack