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Doctor Who But I'm only on Hartnell! I can't watch you yet, Pertwee!

The doctor has spoken!< Yes sir! *kindly does not salute and runs off to watch Doctor Who*

Doctor Who TARDIS Parking Only Sign. Can I have this? I would love this :)

Do not park anything non-TARDISy in front of this unless you want Whovians running up and walking around it saying "I wonder if it's bigger on the inside?" and "Where's The Doctor?" Doctor Who TARDIS Parking Only Sign.

My oldest son makes that face whenever I talk about Doctor Who but my little guy joins in!

Funny pictures about Every time I make a reference. Oh, and cool pics about Every time I make a reference. Also, Every time I make a reference.

There is one girl who loves doctor who. But she's one of those whovian non of the other whovians like! When I said I was going to start watching doctor who SHE TOLD ME THAT I SHOULD SKIP 9!!!!! And when ever I talk to her about doctor who (which isn't that often) she always refers to him as doctor who. Which DRIVES ME CRAZY!!

*raises hand* David Tennant is right, his name is "The Doctor", but it's not wrong to call him "Doctor Who". Doctors One through Nine are called "DOCTOR WHO" in the credits! In fact, other former Doctors refer to him as "Doctor Who".

The Real First Question.

You know this actually does make sense. He's never been a ginger, but has always wanted to be. Poor old Doctor, that's what hair dye is for. In all seriousness, what if there's a real Doctor and he's actually a ginger.

Doctor Who Timeline

Doctor Who series timeline. This is hilarious but it's a good thing it doesn't include season or River's timeline would look like a hamster had run wildly across the page--- is season just part 2 of saeson 6 or did i miss something