All the time

I don't always pin, but when I do I pin 5,000 things in one sitting


*sad poets club* on

I'm not sure this is really funny or extremely sad, but it is very true. For both my book and movie boyfriends!

Yeah, true. The next generation is a shame. What should we name ourselves, babes?

Good thing I was born in that timeframe. Now I have all the common cents: pennies nickels dimes and quarters!>>>> LMAO pennies nickels dimes and quarters

Lol except homework has been replaced with adult responsibilities ;)

But this all stresses you out and then you procrastinate and get nothing done. Your left with a book to read no Netflix watched and homework overdue and zero sleep

Yes. Oohhh yes

This is SOOO accurate. I HATE hipsters when they think love hurts THEM when it hurts US all the time

And then, and THEN you find the song that is perfect for what you need, like the song picks you when you need it most << yea and for me it's usually the same song every time xD it's called Say Anything by Marianas Trench

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