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I have been called Gate of Paradise in Florence since 1425 because my panels depict many prophets from the Old Testament.

The Gates of Paradise

Piazza Della Signoria, Florence, province of Florence , Tuscany

The tomb of Galileo Galilei, which is inside the church of Santa Croce, in Florence.

judith con la cabeza de holofernes, DONATELLO

Rome's Top 10: Vatican City - Statue of St Peter. A holdover from the medieval St Peter’s, this 13th-century bronze statue by the sculptor Arnolfo di Cambio has achieved holy status. The faithful can be seen lining up to rub (or kiss) Peter’s well-worn foot for luck.

The tomb of Michelangelo Buonoparte inside the church of Santa Croce, in Florence.

Annunciation by DONATELLO - Santa Croce, Florence - amazing, dynamic, unconventional

Hercules and Cacus (Baccio Bandinelli),Firenze,Province of Florence, Tuscany region Italy | chapter 42 by joanna