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verona kozakova

verona kozakova
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time architects renovate an old family house using locally sourced materials

vietnamese design firm time architects has renovated an old family house in an alley on district 3 in ho chi minh city, using locally sourced materials.

MANDVI House / SPASM Design Architects

Completed in 2016 in Mandvi Rural, India. Images by Sebastian Zachariah & Ira Gosalia. Being the birth place and sacred hometown of the family, in Kutch – Gujarat, Mandvi holds a special place in the hearts of the clients. SPASM was.

House in the Orchard / ŠÉPKA ARCHITEKTI

House in an Orchard by Šepka Architekti Takes Inspiration from its Surroundings. This project, dubbed House in an Orchard, resembles something out of a sci-fi movie. It& set on a sloping plot of land surrounded by trees in Prague, Czec

Gallery of Gulliver / Hut architektury Martin Rajnis / HAMR - 29