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painting with bubbles is an easy art activity for kids
The Best Art Activities for Kids: How to Paint with Bubbles
an image of wrapped yarn resist birch tree paintings with text overlay that says wrapped yarn resist birch tree paintings
Wrapped Yarn Resist Birch Tree Paintings – The Pinterested Parent
an abstract painting on paper with colored lines and shapes painted on it, including the letter s
Art Projects Using Only Watercolors and a Marker - Fantastic Fun & Learning
a long table covered in lots of different colored art work on top of wooden tables
Collaborative Watercolor Painting
Collaborative watercolor art project (special ed). Teacher preps by doing big black lines, kids come in to add crayon details in their groups, they finish by painting over the crayon designs with watercolors.
a bulletin board with different types of lines on it
Line Poster | Elements of Art | Display this poster in your art room to teach about different kinds of lines.