Gravity falls

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three different pictures with the words bill clipher and what we expect, what we've got
Weirdmageddon: Expectations vs Actual Episode
an animated scene with the words,'introduce my friends to other people now say hello hello to the inter - dimensional crimians and nightmares all my friends
cartoon characters sitting at a table with money in front of them and the caption that reads, family time
Prove your humanity
two cartoon characters, one in a suit and the other in shorts with beards
no middle ground | Gravity Falls
an image of cartoon characters reading books with caption that reads, the book is overflowing after all these years
Picture memes JvzowzgY6 by UltimateHomo_2014: 205 comments - iFunny
Apocalypse Now, Disney Xd
Apocalypse Now
an animated scene with two people in the woods, one is looking at another person's face