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Mirkwood at Night by on @DeviantArt

Somewhere in Mirkwood at night. Mirkwood at Night

Geeky Nerfherder — ‘The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The...

‘The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring’ by Tom Miatke, part of 'Soldiers Of Fourtune’, a new art exhibition presented by Hero Complex Gallery, featuring new artwork from Tom Miatke, Chris.

Goblin Mines for FFG Lord of The Rings Cards Game - Paolo Puggioni

Later last year I made some illustrations for Fantasy Flight Games' Lord of The Rings Cards Game.


DAY 4 OF Solas and his guardians. I’m taking a lot of time to do this beautiful challenge because I have such a low self esteem these days …

janeinthetitle: “ rock-paperback-scissors: “Go find him, Pounce. He needs you. ” Ouch :(((( ”

ma-sulevin: “ fatale-distraction: “ jaegerhugs: “ fatale-distraction: “ rock-paperback-scissors: “Go find him, Pounce. ” someone write an epic tale of Ser Pounce searching for Anders and after a harrowing adventure, he finally finds.