Kristína Hírešová

Kristína Hírešová

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Tom Burke/ Athos/ the musketeers he look soooo good <3

Via Luke Pasqualino's Instagram: "Me! Hugo [Speer]! [Sean] Pertwee! Boat trippin in Praha." The Musketeers

The Musketeers, not gonna lie this is kind of painful but man they look good jeez

A great display of how much faith d'Art has in his brothers...

(Part 31) "So, what did you want to talk to me, about?" I asked Legolas, smiling. "Um?" He didn't know what to say. "Yeah. I am happy your back, safely." He said, giving me a huge, and giving me a kiss. I left. I went into my beige room, with my queen size bed, with a white bedspread. I went into the bathroom to change, into my nighttime clothes. When I went out, to close my door, I saw Beleg in his room, and Eleniel talking to him. They both looked happy, and Beleg didn't look frazzled.