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Dakota Rose..they may be contacts but her eyes amaze me

Dakota rose is the living barbie. she is a teenage girl and really looks like a barbie, the famous American doll. Dakota also knows as Kotakoti in social

A list of real-life dolls that includes Kotakoti, Wang Jiayun and Angelyne. They all became Internet celebrities after photos of them went viral

5 Beautiful Female "Barbie Face" in the World Since childhood, most women crave her as pretty as a princess in a fairy tale. Long hair is smooth and soft,, , 5 Beautiful Female "Barbie Face" in the World 2017

Meet the real-life Barbies: Internet craze sees teenagers turn themselves into freakish living dolls

Move over, Barbie They look like porcelain dolls, but they are not. Venus Palermo from London and the American Dakota Rose take the doll look to a whole new level. With their extreme make-up, they …