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a box that has some paper on it with the words boy and girl cut out
Boy or girl party
a painting of a skull with colorful paint on it's face
a round metal plate with plants and flowers hanging from it's sides on a wall
a wreath made out of orange slices and pine cones with cinnamons on the side
Christmas - advent vol.1
the table is decorated with greenery, berries and pine cones
Details of nature
a wreath with berries, pine cones and greenery is sitting on top of a table
a wreath with pine cones and berries on it sitting on a table next to other decorations
All Saints
a christmas wreath with pine cones and berries on the table next to a candle holder
a basket filled with pine cones and other items on top of a white tablecloth
a red and white coffee cup sitting on top of brown tissue paper with water droplets all over it
a red cup sitting on top of a tree stump
the pile of wood has been cut into pieces
a pile of wood sitting in front of a white house
two pieces of paper with writing on them next to some scissors and other crafting supplies
Make day...
a pair of blue glasses tied to a piece of brown paper with hearts on it
Wedding day...present from optician