Nature in the town

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a close up of a wooden bridge with graffiti on the side and an animal drawn on it
two trees in the middle of a forest with leaves on the ground
leaves on the ground next to a fallen tree trunk and log in the woods with green, yellow, and brown leaves
a wreath is sitting on top of a table with pine cones, berries and greenery
the sun shines brightly through the trees on this grassy area in front of a building
Sunshine over the town
two red mushrooms sitting on top of leaf covered ground
Bucket Bag
an old vase sitting on top of a rock next to a tree with green leaves
Male Karpaty,Slovakia
there is a pitcher and two cups on the table
Eden in the city
an old train station with graffiti on the side
Railway station
a large tree in the middle of a courtyard
an outdoor courtyard with potted plants and trees