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a clear glass bowl with a card inside it
a bouquet of fruit and flowers in someone's hand
Смотрите, какая акция: новогодние наборы, ящики, бутылки, корзины от "Калi ласка" со скидкой до 47% от
an egg carton filled with chocolate eggs and a plant
a bottle of beer and some nuts in a box
15 Regalos para darle a tu amorcito una Navidad inolvidable
a box filled with orange slices and gifts
Идея для женского подарка | Глинтвейн
an open box containing soaps, body scrubs and handmade bath products in it
a pink box with cotton and other items in it
Paquetitos chulos que puedes regalarle a cualquier mujer
an open box with oranges, honey and other items in it sitting on a table