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the words are in different languages and have been written on them to describe what kind of thing
Pro Šíšu: Pracovní Listy Čteme PÍŠeme 99E
a worksheet with letters and numbers for children to learn in the alphabet,
Matematika - pracovní list
Matematika - pracovní list
the worksheet for children to learn how to write and draw animals in different languages
an english language poster with the words dokazes rozlusti or brazova slovaa
Třída 6.A | Základní škola Pardubice - Benešovo náměstí
the letters and numbers are arranged in a circle, with one letter at the top
Pin de Coisas de Pedagoga em alfabetização | Atividades de alfabetização, Atividades alfabetização e letramento, Atividades de cor
the worksheet for beginning and ending words with pictures to be written on it
Children, Papier, Album, Teacher
an info sheet with different types of writing and numbers on it, including the words