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Roman Kupčák

kto ma pozná,vie :-)
Roman Kupčák
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Natural Swimming Pool by Woodhouse Natural Pools                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Woodhouse Landscaping Ltd. designs and builds natural swimming pools for clients across the UK and Europe. We can do pool conversions and hotel pools.

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The Master Pools Guild presents 50 of the best residential natural pools where the pool is the center of a private hideaway tucked in the midst of rock gardens.


Explore our Swimming Pond and Natural Swimming Pool gallery, showcasing the environmentally-friendly alternative to Swimming Pools.

Naturally filtrated swimming pool - giving back to the land.

I don't care if natural pools attract might attract snakes, they are fucking cool. The use of plants to filter your water, negating the need for chemicals is bloody genius.

untitled by Jess Gough on Flickr.similar to a place I’ve known.

is this a pool built into a natural pond/lake? Have to keep this in mind if I ever build a pool someday: then I can enjoy a natural-like lake without squishy seaweed and sand!