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I really want some warpaint. Like seriously and can we talk about Patrick with pink hair cause that really needs to happen<<<< YASSSSS

It was when he was performing Addict with a Pen which is a very emotional song for him.

i miss gigs alot, miss boots and smeel of local liquor.. we are Solovair and Dr.Martens !!

I think that what I missed the most was the gigs. Those little basebent dive bars, that stink of cheap liquor, the smell of leather/denim/metal, the sound of heavy boots stomping to the beat.

Respect Canvas Fabric Patch Punk Rock by InfiniteDreamsDesign

Punks are generally stereotyped as Anarchists & rebels. When the government interferes in wars, Punks most likely get angry about government interference and will protest with loud music in response.