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an image of a sci - fi scene from the video game star wars, which is currently in development
Golem - Environment, Andrew Severson
Golem - Environment by Andrew Severson
an orange and white building with stairs leading up to the top floor in front of it
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Balcony by Sandro Mchedlidze
a black stool with blood dripping from it's legs on a dark background,
Bar Props, Dave Hyatt
Bar Props by David Hyatt
an empty room with purple lighting and mirrors on the wall, in which there is no image or text to describe
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Sci Fi Hallway by David Hyatt
a brick fireplace with five red and white fire hydrants next to it on a tiled floor
Barrel, Viktor Gahov
Barrel by Viktor Gahov
three boxes are stacked next to each other on a black background, one is blue and the other is yellow
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Zbrush architecture by Dennis Windowmaker
an old rusted water tower against a dark background
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Watertower by Nikita Lekomcev
an empty classroom with wooden tables and benches
Warehouse, Evan Artress
Warehouse by Evan Artress
a dimly lit room with many bookshelves and tables in front of large windows
Library (Material Studies Assignment), Claz'room
Library (Material Studies Assignment) by Claz'room College
an empty restaurant with tables and chairs in the middle, lit up by hanging lights
Restaurante Americano, Juan Serpa
Restaurante Americano by Juan Serpa
an old log cabin sits in the woods
Cabana Floresta, Juan Serpa
Cabana Floresta by Juan Serpa
a small house with cars parked in front of it on top of a snow covered island
Forgot The Tree, Rufat Mamedov
Centerpiece by Rufat MamedovSome New Year mood. Made in Blender with Substance Painter. Rendered in Cycles and Eevee. __________ Inspired by Marko Renko:
an old satellite dish sitting on top of a building next to a fence and trees
Ghost Recon Breakpoint : Kits, Corentin Marquet
Ghost Recon Breakpoint : Kits by Corentin MarquetWork made in collaboration with other Artists. I was in charge to meet the different needs for some areas in the world. This job was mainly focus on : Modeling Texturing World Integration Propset Creation Propsing Modular Kits for internal Houdini tools (fences)
a living room filled with white furniture and a chandelier
salon classic, Fares Mendjel
salon classic by Fares Mendjelinterior décoration salon classic
an elephant is standing in the middle of a tunnel
Marching army, Danielius Borisevičius
Marching army by Danielius BorisevičiusPersonal peace