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a black and white drawing of a demon
Yendre - Visdev - 004, Aboy Singh
Yendre - Visdev - 004 by Aboy NingthoujaMore Yendre visdev works.
a painting of a woman with her arms around a demon
The Crow's Sonata, Murat Bayrak
The Crows Sonata by Murat Bayrak
an image of a lava flow coming out of a hole in the ground with rocks surrounding it
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Iceland Monolith Mattepaint by Tanguy Thiebault
a small house with cars parked in front of it on top of a snow covered island
Forgot The Tree, Rufat Mamedov
Centerpiece by Rufat MamedovSome New Year mood. Made in Blender with Substance Painter. Rendered in Cycles and Eevee. __________ Inspired by Marko Renko:
a blurry photo of a train traveling down the tracks in the dark with lights on
BELOW THE SALT | Scream of the Corpse Engine, Connor Sheehan
BELOW THE SALT | Scream of the Corpse Engine by Connor SheehanMore information on Below the Salt - More on the Corpse Engine - Chatter would be occasionally broken by the immense howl of the freight trains. The scream would deafen the people in the queue and Amelia could see the anguished faces wash over the people clutching their ears babies would wail and people would swear. The train itself was nicknamed the Corpse Engine derived from scattered ru
a painting of two people in armor standing next to each other
Star wars : The Mandalorian, Gop Gap
Star wars : The Mandalorian by Gop GapColor study
a painting of some buildings and boats in the water
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Danish Architecture by George BradI want from now on to push forward my sketches a little bit and add colors to them. This might take me an extra day since I'm doing this in my spare time but it's something I really need to focus on.
a black and white drawing of a deer in the woods with snow on its ground
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Melancholy by Lisa Heine
an abstract painting of two people reaching for something in the sky with their hands together
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Dream Away by Çağlayan Kaya GöksoyBirthday present for my best mate.
a painting of a green turtle swimming in the ocean with palm trees on its head
001 - Fantasy - Turtle island, "Madcarak" Laurent Aubouy
001 - Fantasy - Turtle island by "Madcarak" Laurent Aubouy
an artist's rendering of a distant planet with mountains and icebergs in the foreground
Day 18, Vlad Moldovean
Day 18 by Vlad Moldovean
a woman standing in front of a bunch of jelly fish floating over her head and body
moonlight and flowers, MORNCOLOUR .
moonlight and flowers by MORNCOLOUR .
The Mandalorian by Syed Ali Qaiser Manga, Croquis, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, Fan Art, Mandalorian Cosplay, Mandalorian Armor, Soldier
The Mandalorian, Syed Ali Qaiser
The Mandalorian by Syed Ali Qaiser
the sun shines through the trees and water
Into The Jungle, Andrea Magini
Into The Jungle by Andrea MaginiThe task was to achieve a magical sunrise into the forest. All the 3D models and the image composition have been created in about 1/2 hours. The image is a render with no post-production in Photoshop or filter.
an underwater scene with grass and plants in the foreground, blue light coming from behind
VR Turtle Experience Prototype, Holly Downer
VR Turtle Experience Prototype by Holly DownerThis project is my current project I am developing as part of my Master of Design course I am undertaking this year (Feb 2019 - March 2020) at the College of Creative Arts at Massey University Wellington. My research focuses on immersive and empathetic storytelling in virtual reality. This project takes the participant on a journey through a digitally constructed coral reef through the perspective of a sea turtle. The journey begins with experience a