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there is meat and rice on the plate
Best Pork Tocino Recipe
Pork Tocino is a popular Filipino dish typically made from thinly sliced pork meat marinated in sugar, salt, garlic, soy sauce, and coloring. It is then fried until caramelized and slightly charred, resulting in a sweet and savory flavor.
several skewers of meat on a white plate
Skewered Filipino Pork BBQ
several skewers of meat on a banana leaf
Filipino Pork Barbecue
barbecued pork with bbq sauce on a white plate, ready to be eaten
Crockpot Brown Sugar & Balsamic–Glazed Pork Tenderloin Recipe on Food52
8h 15m
the skewers are covered in barbecue sauce and green onions, along with forks
Grilled Hoisin Pork Tenderloin Skewers