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clube 299: Recall Honda CB 500 F e CBR 500 R


Vest, knee length best, I want my style, winter wear, Grey Vibes // Fashion Look by Shanda Rogers

#simplyskirt laser cut #fashion #style #skirt

❤❤❤ Beaded long pendant necklaces & silver pendant necklace with a taupe sweater, white t-shirt, grey skinny jeans, chocolate fringe handbag

Turn old pallets into custom rustic frames.


AGGGGGG! Can I have it? Can I? OMG literally everything about this outfit, I love! I hope I find something like it when shopping in Lincoln sometime... I'd buy it even though it's just summer...

German Shepherd Dog. beautiful and wonderful dogs with such intelligence and great potential, i just wish inexperienced owners wouldnt get these pups. ive seen first hand that it is bad for both human and pup when they are not properly trained. please research your breeds, people!! know what youre getting into, and work hard! its always worth it.

Maybe the reason I love animals so much...

Here Are 10 Facts German Shepherd Lovers Must Always Remember The last one made me cry