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a painting of a woman with her eyes closed wearing a polka dot headband and looking to the side
Cool down sketch
- JOE BLUHM -: Cool down sketch
a drawing of a woman in a dress with feathers on her head and hands wrapped around her waist
My favorite artist: Miss Leilani Joy on YouTube
a painting of a woman holding two black birds
artist Emma Geary (Hitchcock...the birds)
a black and white drawing of a woman in an ostrich dress with her legs crossed
♥ The Art of Liana Hee ♥
that's freaking adorable - ♥ The Art of Liana Hee ♥: August 2009
a painting of a woman holding a cat in her arms with flowers and vines around her
Gustav Klimt Inspired - Babooshka and Her Cat - Folk russian art
A Folk Art Cat in Klimt's Embrace,' a tribute to the ornate beauty of Gustav Klimt mingled with the charm of traditional folk art. In this babooshka's tender hold, a cat finds solace, encircled by a tapestry of patterns that whisper tales of old. This painting weaves a narrative as rich as the folklore it honors, creating an intimate space where every stroke tells a story of companionship, love, and the homely wisdom of a babooshka's touch.
Yoga, Croquis, Demons, Comics, Comic Art, Rita, Forbidden, Sanat, Dessins Sympas
Hippie life Vibe life
a drawing of a woman sitting in a hot tub with candles around her and reading a book
a woman sitting on the ground next to a dragon holding a glass of beer and looking at it
a girl with red hair and a black cat on her head is drinking from a cup
a drawing of a man and woman dressed up in mickey mouse ears, with one holding the other's hand