Ladislav Mišičko

Ladislav Mišičko

Ladislav Mišičko
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Nascondino, A Simple Alternative To Gain Some Intimacy |

In the times where the idea of an open space steps into both offices and homes, designer Pierre-Emmanuel Vandeputte offers a simple alternative to gain some privacy.

Nutcracker, by Industrial Facility Designed for Muji, this tool expresses a childlike presence and playful functionality. Through a simple twist and screw mechanism, the user is fully engaged with the process

leibal: “Nutcracker is a minimalist design created by England-based designer Industrial Facility. The nutcracker is designed for Muji’s Xmas program, launched alongside Board Magnets. The design features a small hole within a corkscrew – the user can.

The 'LW-01' is designed to give the bottle-cap an added functionality, it is a container that plugs into the inside of the bottle cap which holds pills that you may require to take during the day... READ MORE at Yanko Design !

This design is functionality. It added a small container in the bottle cap and you can put pills inside.Therefore when you drinking water,you will know that you need to take pills.But i think it can put other small items inside the small container.