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Oreja llena de #Aritos

I've always wanted a row of ear piercings. I've gotten a cartilage piercing before but it closed. When I pierce my ears it takes about a year to heal making it very difficult, but I hope to have many cartilage piercings one day!

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Not normally into this look, but this is actually kinda cute... FAUNA FAUX SEPTUM

Product Information - Product Type: Fake Septum Piercing in Surgical Stainless Steel Total Size: Silver Septum Jewelry, Fake Septum Ring, Fake Septum Piercing, Faux Septum

The Doctor's Company by Burdge-Bug - now I'm gonna go in a corner and cry for a little while

I cried when the Doctor had to leave Rose.

Nebula Images: Astronomy articles:... Nebula Images…

Horsehead Nebula / of course if seen from a different viewpoint in space ,this gas cloud ( nebula ) would Obviously NOT look remotely like a horses head / it's all about 'perspective ' ⭐️

Cry me a River.

Oh the River Song feels .Darn it River! Your story rips my heart out every.time i think about it. Looking at this backwards really shows how she fell in love with the Doctor :'(

A guide to the different types of ear piercings - Multiple earrings are on trend…

A guide to the different types of ear piercings - Multiple earrings are on trend right now, BodyCandy wants to help you make sure you know your type! Lobe ✔ upper lobe ✔ flat ✔ rook ✔ up next is the conch

Thank you to who ever made this amazing pic! I have always thought of doctor who when I heard this song, but could you make one for number ten and rose?

"A Thousand Years" - the Ponds - eehhhhhh. The feels! They hurt my heart.

Lots of rock n roll decor ideas and links

Rock and Roll (Rock On Hands) - Music Canvas Wall Art

Could do specific colors to match a theme. But I also love the rainbow aspect too. Maybe a red, black, and gold as a gift for Dana.

How would you you cover the shape of the music note?