No-Botty (Homeless robots) by David EmmiteSon site :

No-Botty by David Emmite A personal series about homeless robots by David Emmite from Portland, OR, USA.

Robots no mercado de trabalho.

The Automated Workplace: Robots on The Rise [Infographic] - ChurchMag

Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall Is A Plywood Pavilion Created By Robots | Ikea Decorating Ideas

Robots were used to craft all of the interlocking plywood plates (Photo: ICD/ITKE/IIGS Uni.

Nobotty is a photography project by photographer David Emmit which features a series of “homeless robots”.

Nobotty is a photography project by photographer David Emmit which features a series of “homeless robots”.

Two photographs from Portland, Oregon-based photographer David Emmite'sNobotty series. Nobotty conveys the plight of homeless robots down on their luck and struggling to eke out a living. In addition to staging and taking these handsome photos, David built each of the awesome robot subjects as well.Check out more of David’s melancholy robots at Whitezine and his own website.

no-botty ~ homeless robots, by David Emmite, Portland, OR

Robots podem refletir?

Robots podem refletir?

Diante de um outro se reconhecendo como um alguém.

Caesar robot – Bedtime story reciting surrogate granny that’ll put your kids to sleep, although looking at it, a nightmare infested one ;

Infográfico sobre Robots contemporâneos/

Robot-Apps: According to the infographic, over robotic dogs and Pleo robotic dinosaurs exist, and many third-party apps have already enhanced their behaviors.