No-Botty (Homeless robots) by David EmmiteSon site :

No-Botty by David Emmite A personal series about homeless robots by David Emmite from Portland, OR, USA.

Robots no mercado de trabalho.

The Automated Workplace: Robots on The Rise [Infographic] - ChurchMag

Landesgartenschau Exhibition Hall Is A Plywood Pavilion Created By Robots | Ikea Decorating Ideas

Robots were used to craft all of the interlocking plywood plates (Photo: ICD/ITKE/IIGS Uni.

Nobotty is a photography project by photographer David Emmit which features a series of “homeless robots”.

Nobotty is a photography project by photographer David Emmit which features a series of “homeless robots”.

Robots podem refletir?

Robots podem refletir?

Diante de um outro se reconhecendo como um alguém.

Caesar robot – Bedtime story reciting surrogate granny that’ll put your kids to sleep, although looking at it, a nightmare infested one ;

Infográfico sobre Robots contemporâneos/

Robot-Apps: According to the infographic, over robotic dogs and Pleo robotic dinosaurs exist, and many third-party apps have already enhanced their behaviors.