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Inside the Great Pyramid of Giza:

Pyramids of Giza The pyramids on the Giza Plateau of Egypt were erected as royal tombs in the century b. The Great Pyramid, la.

A new painting, depicting scenes of ancient Egyptian life, was discovered in 2012 in a tomb located about 1,000 feet (300 meters) east of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Pictured here the tomb is for a man named Perseneb whom inscriptions say was a "priest" and "steward." It dates to the middle or late fifth dynasty (ca. 2450-2350 B.C.). [Read full story]

A wall painting, dating back over years, has been discovered in a tomb located just east of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The painting shows vivid scenes of life, including boats sailing south on the Nile River, a bird hunting trip in a marsh.

Solar boat museum, Giza, Egypt

Solar boat museum, Giza, Egypt A special structure was built to house this large boat that took 12 years to reconstruct from the preserved pieces.

Ramesses III In Battle by Chris Taylor on 500px | Medinet Habu Temple, Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III, West Bank of Luxor, Egypt

ramesses III in battle, medinet habu temple (mortuary temple of ramesses III), west bank of luxor, egypt

Goddess Sekhmet - Kom Ombo

Sekhmet-Egyptian solar goddess of power, protection and destruction. Her name means strong and mighty and is connected with lions, showing her protective nature.