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Galería de Aizawa Shota - 🌓1🌓

Imágenes, fanart, yaoi, ships... Todo sobre Aizawa Ninguna imagen presentada aquí será de mi autoría así que crédito a sus respectivos autores.

Check Out These 25 Hilarious Photos That Will Make You Laugh

In the past decade we took more photos than ever before. Smartphones, GoPros, and affordable cameras made documenting our environment much easier and cheaper.Often, you have an idea in your head how your photo should look like. But when you snap it, you realize you didn't time it right. However, there are occasions when everything falls into place, and you manage to get the most fantastic photo without even realizing it. That's exactly what happened with the following photos. Let's take a…

Picture memes mbvFSkq37 — iFunny

Friendly cats rub up against Todoroki's left leg because he‘s warm on that side. thank you for yourtime – popular memes on the site ifunny.co

I'll be here for you (Discontinued) - Chapter 1

Y/N has loved Izuku since she was a little girl, but after a certain incident that happens to her, she turns the cold shoulder to the world, her brother and her childhood crush. Then Todoroki comes into her life, and she finds that she isn't the only one with a burden to carry. Find out what happens to Y/N in "I'll be here for you"!!! I don't own My Hero Academia or any of the plot, characters etc etc. mentioned in this book!

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Summer Fling (TodoBakuDeku)

"Hmm, how about this?" "How about that?" "Don't interrupt me,Shitty nerd" "Just get on with it!" "Since this our last full week of school and next week is our last, you'll become my fuck buddy" "What?" "I'm still going to fuck you now, but during the summer you'll become my fuck buddy and you can't refuse me, because if you do I'll tell everyone you masturbate to me" "No strings attached?" "No strings attached, but no condoms, I like sex raw and if I want to fuck in public we're going to…


Pretty much the title. If there is a ship you don't like, tell me and I'll try to avoid posting them. 2-4 pictures per day Hope you laugh ◕‿◕ NOTE: All pictures go to their respective creators. # 2 shitposts out of 510 stories ranking # 212 random # 24 memes # 234 anime # 103 bnha # 45 deku # 56 todoroki # 36 allmight # 643 tododeku

Emotionless hero deku *Oh Hold For Short While* - Truth hurts

I looked into his eyes when he turned to face me. emotionless... that was all I could think of and as soon as I came to he was gone. Izuku midoryia has had the worst life imaginable. though out his life izuku has been hell for him and at some point lost his emotions while try to protect a kitten from the rain. "this world is cruel" ⚠️warning this story contains⚠️ *self harm *abuse *attempt at suiside if any fo this triggers you do NOT read the story

My Hero Academia Memes - Beep beep 8

Each chapter has 10 memes Slight anime spoilers, no manga spoilers, almost none of these memes are mine and go to the proper owner, all memes I found with credit in photo I did not crop out so all that had credit when I found them still have it, if anyone made art/memes and you found it in here, please dm and I'll take it down for you, same goes if you want me to post a meme, dm me and it will probably get posted here^^

Seriously tho💀

Unofficial subreddit for the game Among Us by Innersloth. Play online or over local WiFi with 4-10 players as a crewmate or impostor. Crewmates...

These are the spirits that judge you when u die cerberus - iFunny :)

These are the spirits that judge you when u die cerberus – popular memes on the site ifunny.co

BnHA - Arty, memy i inne 2

Część druga mojej książki z.. praktycznie wszystkim, co jest związane z Boku no Hero Akademia :3

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When the teacher tells you to stop laughing and you and your homie look at each other like – popular memes on the site ifunny.co

My therapist: Thermit isn't real he can't hurt you. Thermit: – popular memes on the site iFunny.co #rainbowsixseige #gaming #rainbowsixseige #r6 #thermite #kermit #my #thermit #isnt #real #cant #hurt #pic

Picture memes QNrMCqRs6: 1 comment — iFunny

My therapist: Thermit isn't real he can't hurt you. Thermit: – popular memes on the site iFunny.co #rainbowsixseige #gaming #rainbowsixseige #r6 #thermite #kermit #my #thermit #isnt #real #cant #hurt #pic