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What your thoughts look like

To be in your own thoughts — language, like headphones, delivers a sense of privacy. Of course, no thinking is linear. Neurons are always crashing into each other, trying to connect and build new a…

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Quantum physics

Immune response in the human brain accurately measured for the first time ever. – Healthinnovations- Latest Innovative Health & Medical News

Scientists have long suspected that neuroinflammation caused by a reactive immune system could be tripping off the neurodegeneration seen in certain dementias, multiple sclerosis, and other deadly diseases of the nervous system. Now, a novel molecular imaging technique could be the key to understanding how best to treat these and other devastating diseases, according to a new study from Yale University.

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How To Boost Your Memory And Brain Power

If you’re looking to boost your memory and brain power, this video contains some excellent tips and reminders. In summary: Exercise. Physical exercise helps form new brain cells and solidifies…

Article: Our Brain Is A Holographic Machine Existing In A Holographic Universe, July 12, 2012:  Stanford brain researcher and the quantum physicist, Dr. Karl Pribram, was long puzzled by a perplexing question of how and where memories are stored in the brain.  Did they possess specific locations in the brain?    While trying to figure out where in the brain memories are located, he found that the human brain is holographic. He found that memories are not preserved in any particular part…
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TeethFAQ on Instagram: “The trigeminal nerve. What a crazy web! 💀. ____________ #dentistry #odonto #dentist #dentista #dental #dentistrylife #dentalassistant …”

778 Likes, 9 Comments - TeethFAQ (@teethblog) on Instagram: “The trigeminal nerve. What a crazy web! 💀. ____________ #dentistry #odonto #dentist #dentista…”

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The man behind a startup acquired by Google for $628 million plans to build a revolutionary new artificial intelligence.

First official Brain-Computer Interface journal coming in January 2014

Sharing is caring!Share2sharesAt last, there will be a printed journal where BCI researchers can submit their work to. It is called the Brain-Computer Interfaces published by Taylor & Francis, an international company originating in the UK that publishes books and academic journals. The BCI journal was announced and its importance was discussed at the recent BCI […]

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La belleza y la complejidad de la Anatomía humana. #tucerebrodigital #anatomy

Scientific Proof Thoughts & Intentions Create Physical  - When Dr. Masaru Emoto proved that thoughts and intentions create reality , the experiment has been replicated numerous times with similar results.  The bottom line is that the words we use, in conjunction with the intent behind them and the emotion we are feeling while saying these words, will conclusively shape the reality around us.
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Reality May Not Be Real, According To Scientific Evidence – Everything Is Energy

Spread the wordThough Quantum Physicists we are uncovering facts about the universe that seemed impossible. In the last few years, there have been breakthroughs in the scientific field that have extensively broaden our understanding of reality as Copernicus’s outline of the solar system. The biggest problem to date is we don’t grasp quantum physics. This […]

Blood Flow Through the Brain, pt. 2 (The Ride to the Top)

Let’s get a little more familiar (and look at a cool image) with the path blood takes as it leaves the heart and travels up to the brain. If you don’t recall what we covered in Blood Fl…

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Sustancia blanca cerebral: función y estructura (con imágenes)

La sustancia blanca es una parte del sistema nervioso que está configurada principalmente por axones de neuronas. Es decir, por la parte de las neuronas que se encarga de transmitir la información procesada por el núcleo de la célula a otras neuronas.

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