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an apartment building with many balconies on the windows
streets of spain<3
a tall building with a clock on it's face and trees in front of it
sagrada familia
a car parked in front of a building with a sign that reads adios bichitos
an old building in the middle of a city with lots of people walking around it
Parc Guël
a ferris wheel is in the middle of a park
the sun is setting over an airplane wing
sunrise flights>>
there is a sign that says barcelona boarding on the wall next to an exit door
next destination...
palm trees line the side of an empty street
an aerial view of a harbor with many boats in the water and buildings on both sides
Cable car to Montjüic
people are walking around in front of an old building with many spires on it
an airport tarmac at sunset with planes parked
early morning airport vibes:)
a statue on top of a building overlooking a city below it at sunset or dawn
Barcelona skyline
a person's feet with black and white converses on top of a building
Budapest ferris wheel
there are many sushi on the black plate
sushi night