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a small bowl with an eye painted on it's front and back sides, sitting on a white surface
mossy steps lead up into the woods
waterford gardens
blue flowers are growing in the grass near trees
Amal (@amo0ol700) / Twitter
several fish swimming in the water near some trees and grass on the bank, with sunlight streaming through
The water at Meramec Springs Park,MO is just so blue. u/Robotics_Engineer [1334:750][OC]
a field full of wildflowers with mountains in the background at sunset or dawn
Mount Rainier - Tatoosh Range by Kevin McNeal / 500px
the ivy is growing on the building's front door and it looks like it has been decorated with flowers
Bloom! York, St Helen's Square
a picnic with strawberries, orange juice and fresh fruit on the table next to the water
an open window looking out onto a garden with flowers and trees in the foreground
a woman laying in the grass with her eyes closed
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two people riding bikes on a dirt path in the middle of an open field with tall grass
the sun shines through the mossy trees
a train track running through the woods on a foggy day
Old Train Track, Taiwan
Does anyone else look at this and totally expect a herd of zombies to come ambling around the corners?
fog in the jungle with lots of green plants