♪Tlou♪ {prevážne Ellie cause I'm just a girl}

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a drawing of a woman with tattoos on her arm
ellie williams
credits to @nramvv
a girl with dark hair and piercings is looking at the camera
one chance 🧎‍♀️
mine! #elliewilliams + #thelastofus
Wall Shrines, Pink And Sparkly, Never Gonna, Literally Me
hers is pink and sparkly and 9 inches btw
Last Of Us Part 2
I Have A Secret, Gay Memes
a woman in leather pants holding a knife and looking at the camera with blood all over her body
Ellie Williams
a girl with tattoos is looking at her cell phone and has the words i need a gf on it
girls flirt with me please (desperate)
a man with long hair and braids on his head, in a black tank top
Zombie Apocalypse, Buff Women, Modern Magic