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All About Sleeves Sleeve designs can be a little bit intimidating. Drafting them is kind of a science on its own, and it’s hard to imagine what shape you need to start with if you have no prior experience with patterning them yourself; trial and error i

“EVE PARADISE LOST” aka Crouching Woman    Original Art, Nude Art Female – Charcoal – Graphite drawing “EVE PARADISE LOST” aka Crouching Woman by Marcy Ann Villafaña  “EVE PARADISE LOST” 30″ x 48″  charcoal  2014  Sold to private collector. only available in print.

Villafaña Art - Marcy Ann Villafana Figurative Fine Art - Custom Art, Commissions Charcoal Conte Illustrations Cut Paper, Paper on Paper works and Acrylic Paintings

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Best Feldenkrais® Moves for Back Pain Relief Part 1 Easy and effective movements from the Feldenkrais Method® for relief from back pain. MaryBeth Smith, Founder and Director of the Feldenkrais Center of Housto.

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Slowly by Slowly, Take My Breathe Away & Blow🔥LOVE❤️ Into My Mouth; Filled it Until I Drown Plenty of Passion♠️: pencil drawing / sketch - lips