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Marika Lauríková

Marika Lauríková
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lunaislucious: “MmMmm yessss put that hand on me, I want to feel those thick fingers against my wet little slit. Touch me baby, feel just how wet I’ve gotten while working tonight.


To all those who tried to make my life Hell through my recovery, kiss it! Hope its dirty, lol!

The biggest tree on the planet, 'The President', is 3,200 years old, 247 feet tall, has 2 billion leaves, and is simply.. just amazing!

The President, the third largest tree on earth. The President, Sequoia National Park is 3200 years old. "The President" is the second most massive tree ever measured: it's 27 feet wide at the bottom and 247 feet tall.

I'll give you a reason to live if you can't find any and don't wanna live because of it.

Real love in a copuple of Wolves

Home sweet home

Inspired by Michael Wolf's photos of Hong Kong buildings, but probably originally by the urbanization section of the Massive Change exhibit. Hong Kong apartments/homes.