Mária Laššuthová

Mária Laššuthová

Mária Laššuthová
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Alicia Burton :33

Alycia Burton and her amazing horse Classic Goldrush jump and above with no saddle or bridle. All there is on the horse is a free rein which wraps around the horse's neck so she can turn her horse more easily. There is an amazing bond between Alycia a


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Cute and cheap backpack to go #bts in style This pretty floral backpack is perfect for girly girls

OLSENBOYE GLITTER FLORAL BACKPACK mary kate and ashley bag XD I remember when their makeup was like the number one thing every girl in my class HAD to have otherwise you weren't popular , i wanted lisa frank lol

Tutorial: Ako na super kučery!! :)) :3

No fail curls- spray lightly with hairspray, twist around unclamped curling iron except inches of the ends of hair, hold 20 sec, finger comb for looser curls, spray lightly with hairspray again (hopefully this will work on my hair)