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Lucy Bakus

Slovakia / Artist , photographer, illustrator
Lucy Bakus
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LOKI! LOKI! LOKI!!!! *chants*

I want one where it deals with the fact that HE'S THE KING OF ASGARD NOW. Maybe, before that last throne scene with Thor, Loki-Odin shows Thor that he went back to Svartalfheim to get Loki's body. However, the body he showed to Thor was actually Odin pu

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Odin (Alfadir) : " Worship of Odin may date to Proto-Germanic paganism. The Roman historian Tacitus may refer to Odin when he talks of Mercury. The reason is that, like Mercury, Odin was regarded as Psychopompos, "guide of souls".

Do you know the origins of the names of the days of the week?

Funny pictures about Origin of the days of the week. Oh, and cool pics about Origin of the days of the week. Also, Origin of the days of the week.

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// i want to read the Poetic Edda & D'aulaires' Book of Norse Myths, and draw the characters! also i should draw Greek gods and goddesses sometime.

Gods And Mythology Of Vikings Personally in love with how sassy Hel looks here

This shows how the Vikings viewed their Gods and their ideas of Heaven and Hell. The Vikings believed that they would one day join their Gods in Valhalla, much as the Christians believed they would join Jesus and God in Heaven.